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Dustin Tucker

President Tamarack Property Management Co.Corporate Operations Coordinator
Work 2929 3rd Ave. N. Ste. 538 Billings MT 59101 Work Phone: 406-272-1834

Business Info

Well, I guess you could say the rental business is in my blood. It all started a long time ago in a small Montana town not so far away.  There was a boy who grew up around rental property.  You see, that’s how the family made a living… with a handful of mobile home rentals.  The boy saw how hard his dad worked doing repairs, cleaning, collecting rent, and all the laws and paperwork that went along with it.  It was tough job, often the rentals were trashed and the rent seemingly impossible to collect.  But there was joy too, in the benefit to the lives of those families and individuals who called those rentals home.  And while some of the folks were respectful and cared for the rentals, the difficulties and struggles to make ends meet ultimately hardened the boy and drove him to decide he would never follow in his father’s footsteps…

Fast forward a few decades and that small-town boy is now a Montana licensed property manager who has owned a couple rentals of his own, rents out his camper on an online RV share website, and… you guessed it… ended up here with the Yellowstone Property Managers Association!  Yep, that’s me.  Now working in the underappreciated, but essential, industry of affordable housing, doing my best to make a positive impact for our property owners and the residents who call our properties home.

It’s been a joy and an honor to volunteer my time to the YPMA, helping our industry peers with their networking and education needs.