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Montana Landlord/Tenant Law Course

Landlord Tenant Law

Presented by John Sinrud, president of Montana Landlords Association

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide DetectorMontana Landlord-Tenant Law FAQ’s

Overview: In the 2009 legislative session the law in section MCA 70-24-303 (the section of the law that specifies the landlord’s duty to maintain premises) was amended to include the need for a landlord to provide a carbon monoxide detector in rental units in accordance Department of Labor and Industry standards. However, at the time the law was enacted (October 1st 2009), the Department of Labor and Industry standards did not yet exist. This led to state-wide misconceptions and questions about the carbon monoxide requirements in rental units. These Department of Labor and Industry regulations now exist (effective from October 15th 2010) and are the focus of this FAQ.

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