Kimberly Hessell

Territory Sales Representative CenturyLink
Cell Phone: 307-630-4402 Work Phone: 406-255-8310 Website:

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As a territory sales representative with CenturyLink, Kimberly’s specialties include technology, customer service, marketing, and helping people find a solution to their needs.

You can contact Kimberly to discuss new developments in phone and internet technology, and how they apply to rentals you own or manage. Her responsibilities are to:

  • Meet with Developers, Builders and Electricians to explain inside wiring for fiber homes and assist them with marketing their fiber sub-divisions/Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU’s)
  • Work with MDU’s to provide them with a contract that meets their needs.
  • Manage relationships with indirect, multi development units and big box retailers within territory.
  • Meet with assigned Multi-Dwelling Units in your territory.
  • Probe and problem solve with customers to offer the right product solutions based on their needs as customer interaction opportunities present themselves.