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Reviews of the Keeping Illegal Activity out of Rental Property 2016 Training

John Campbell

March 17, 2016
YPMA recently sponsored an excellent training opportunity at the Big Horn Resort in Billings MT.  By agreeing to fund a considerable portion of the training costs, YPMA was able to offer this training to members and non-members alike for $50.00.  Program participants earned 6.5 hours of continuing education credits through the Board of Realty Regulation for attending this course.

John Campbell of Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. has been providing powerful trainings for landlords and other groups across the country since 1989.  He provided our group with an interesting perspective and time tested tips on crime prevention through environmental design, screening processes, community building, working with police and in other crucial areas.  Officer Tom Kieghtly, our Billings Police Department Public Relations Officer, attended the course as a guest of YPMA and offered insight on how law enforcement deals with tenant issues, helping us understand what the police can and cannot do to assist landlords.  As a course participant, Officer Tom learned what authority landlords have and what we need help with, and he took this information back to his fellow officers.

See what some of our attendees had to say about this training: 
“Excellent speaker / story teller.”
“Awesome job!  Good mixture of serious conversation and comedic conversation or comments.  Officer Tom was very helpful.”
“Great idea having an officer participate in the class.  He was extremely helpful in letting us know what cops can and cannot do – now understanding why they ‘don’t do anything’ (or so we think!)”
“Best CE class I’ve ever been to!”
“Training was on point and I enjoyed the stories and humor”

Landlord Training Class-March 2016

John Campbell

Keeping Illegal Activity out of Rental Property

Landlord training program by John Campbell of Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc.

Attendees will learn an enormous amount of priceless information on how to keep criminal activity out of your rentals. Licensees will also receive 6.5 CE credits.

When: Thursday, March 10th, 2016 from 8 am to 5 pm
Where: Big Horn Resort, 1801 Majestic Ln., Billings MT 59102

$50 per person 
This is a Landlord Training Program that was designed to help law enforcement agencies, owners, property managers, and residents keep illegal activity out of rental property. This community-oriented property management approach was developed originally by John H. Campbell of Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. for the Portland (Oregon) Police Bureau. The program has been developed through a process of intensive research with hundreds of organizations and individuals.

The training will include:
  • Orientation.
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
  • Applicant Screening.
  • Rental Agreements.
  • Ongoing Management.
  • Resident Involvement/Community Building.
  • Warning Signs of Drug Activity.
  • Crisis Resolution. Working with the Police.
  • Section 8 (Subsidized Housing)
  • PDF manual for all participants has launched



Turbo tenant was just launched this week! It is a 100% free for landlords software. Turbo tenant can help you fill your units quickly, screen tenants, and save you money by making the process very easy. This software can be good from person who owns one unit to the big guy with hundreds.
They also have a blog that will give you helpful pointers and tips. The newest one is about social media and marketing. It’s a great read.

Internet Programs for Low Income Households

Lifeline and Internet BasicsCenturyLink offers assistance through two programs. The first is a government assistance program called Lifeline. The second is an income based program called Internet Basics.

Service is for 1.5 Mbps high speed internet and cost starts at $9.95 per month for the first 12 months, then increases to $14.95 afterwards. Modem and setup costs are additional.

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